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02 April 2013 @ 04:32 pm
i'm 23 today, such an old lady

also i think i forgot to tell you that both me and augustfai got into waseda so we'll be moving to tokyo in august
06 March 2013 @ 04:41 am
I keep messaging applications on my phone for friends that don't talk to me anymore
23 January 2013 @ 08:42 pm
1/7: Got to Korea, checked in at Cozzzy Guesthouse. Had 설렁탕 (seolleongtang).
1/8: Dongdaemyun in the morning, which wasn't open so we went to Myeongdong and went shopping. Stopped by the SMTown popupstore, then went to Edae for the bridal cafe. Then we went to Hongdae to hunt for the dog cafe and we couldn't find it.
1/9: Trick Eye Museum. Discovered that the dog cafe was closed permanently, cat cafe wasn't open yet so we went to the Hello Kitty cafe. Angrily. Then went to the cat cafe and later while shopping in Myeongdong found a dog cafe. Then Lotte World.
1/10: Flew to Nagoya, met up with host momma. Dinner was pasta and salad.
1/11: Panicked. Panicked forever, and made a ghetto uchiwa on the train after lunch at Tiger Cafe. CONCERT. Salmon for dinner.
1/12: Shopped at Violet Blue in Osu. Met up with Takumi and had Chinese food at LaChic. Then we went to softbank so I could get my phone set up, then went to Nagoya Eki for shopping (Pass'e) and then back to the dome for more goods. Hamburger for dinner.
1/13: Kimono!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gyoza. Daikoku.
1/14: Went to Tokyo, met up with April late because it was fucking snowing. So we bought dinner at the conbini. Watched Hajimete no Otsukai (kids on their first shopping trip; maru was on it), then Nagase, Zero, and Getsuyou. Good Johnny's TV day.
1/15: Gunma. Why. Then Sunshine City for tonkatsu. Last Hope!!
1/16: Hakone!!! Then we walked all the way to skytree from Uguisudani, which is far, and had terrible gyoza.
1/17: Went to Kyoto. Shit was cold. We went to Kinkakuji only to find it had closed 10 minutes before, so we shopped in Gion and had nothing but fried food.
1/18: Actually managed Kinkakuji. Went to a good cafe called Itadaki, then did more shopping and cake tabehodai. Got on the wrong bus so I got pissed as hell at the shitty fucking transportation system.
1/19: Tokyo. Pasta and dessert tabehodai. Nakuna, Hara-chan and Shiyagare!!
1/20: April went home. Went to Shibuya, shopped at Tsutaya and ate on the top floor at an oshare restaurant called Punraku. We also went to 109 and I spent too much money. Went to Harajuku, then met up with Arisa at Yokohama and walked half the goddamn city. Ramen and taiyaki parfaits. Then purikura!
1/21: Shopping in Sunshine City. Found a goddamn K Books, which ate my money. Mamonga is a terrible goddamn cafe. Then we went to the butler cafe and I lost my cottonpicking mind. Then Keikarou.
1/22: Skytree! Better this time. Ate at the moomin cafe and had crepes. Then the pokemon center. Then back to Harajuku to see the (sad) Last Hope Illumination thing as well as to go to LaForet. Last Hope~ AND FINALLY FOUND A GODDAMN MOS BURGER
1/23: Ghibli Museum, and then from the Ghibli Museum we went to Keikarou, which is stupid because it's on the complete other end of the same line. So we were on the Chuo-Sobu Line for legit like 3 hours. I had children on that train. Anyway, Keikarou was closed. So then we had ramen and crepes at Sunshine City and that's the end of that. Jennie bought hats.
16 January 2013 @ 10:46 pm
i'm going to die so alone it's kind of pathetically hilarious
12 January 2013 @ 01:09 am
arashi concert post
yes i went to a concert (best $1500 I've ever fucking spent, NO REGRETS)
yes i am in japan but only for vacation no work ANYWAY THE IMPORTANT PART IS ARASHI

and i'm so tired i won't be able to write much but
i have nothing to live for now lol all my dreams have come true and i have been in their space (i'm creepy)

ohno is really great. he makes sure that when he's pointing to you you knowit's you he's looking at and his calm/lazy demeanor is even better in person because he'll just stand on the moving sidewalk with a dumb look on his face and then do a sharp turn into choreography. this is all things we knew but it's different in person. two was amazing; his shirt is dark red. ohno is very small, and not in a "he is a man of short stature" way but in the "he is a person that makes you want to cuddle him in a hammock while spoon-feeding him porridge" way. is this weird? i don't care.

shoooooooo i forgive all his transgressions against me (coming to new york and also passing right through my neighborhood) because he is just. sho. he waves like a politician; he doesn't actually see people in the audience. the first six songs were very sakurap heavy so he was very tired afterwards lol. he almost fell off the moving platform today. also i am psychic: i kept saying that i picture sho dancing with donald at kouhaku with the scarves during fly on friday. this was so.

aiba is the most perfect person in the world and i really wish i could remember rakuen but i don't because i sobbed hysterically the whole way through it. i have too much love for him. i can't put together my feelings about having seen him just yet. i'm pretty sure i blacked out every time he smiled.

ninomino omg i can't be mad at him like i normally have for making me cry because he is so wonderful and flaily. i almost won my bet that i wouldn't cry - it wasn't until the bridge, when footage of Niji comes up after the words "if I had said these words back then" plays on the screen as he sings when i fucking lost it all over the place.

matsumoto jun left me speechless today seriously. after i went to smtown i talked about how some people are just so beautiful the camera can't capture it? jun is supernaturally beautiful. it was weird because you know his face intimately from it being everywhere, but nothing can compare to the real thing. he was also super fucking cute this concert, with little butt wiggles and face scrunches and his new "yay yay yay!" gag that he came up with on the spot and got embarrassed when the audience latched on. also, he is an amazing dj what the fuck. the mix he made of we wanna funk was fucking AMAZING. what a wonderful person.

i love them. maybe i'll be able to think better tomorrow
19 November 2012 @ 11:30 am
yo it's fucking cold and someone (else) needs to hire me
01 November 2012 @ 09:54 am
So thanks to that bitch sandy I'm going on day three of no power, all six hundred plus of my books are gone. Everything in the basement became trash because my house was part of the hudson river

Sorry I'm not sorry for being stressed and crabby
28 October 2012 @ 03:24 am

10 October 2012 @ 04:14 pm
things i am tired of:
- getting overwhelmed and overexcited by something really stupid
- crashing immediately afterwards

the thing is this has been a pattern since i was really little, my sister used to get super mad at me for it

the fuck is wrong with you, brain
10 October 2012 @ 02:31 pm
悩みも不安も全部go away

trying to keep my spirits up